Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today's Exercises in Musing

I've taken quite a few photos on my walks with Rufus, but when I get home and start looking at them, I don't have any that are good enough. Not good enough to post on the blog, not good enough to print, not good enough to send out. And yet, several of them are too good to delete. But if they aren't blog-worthy, what should I post here? Drat. A conundrum.

Therefore, without further picking and perfectionizing, here are some shots and thoughts from today's walk.

The air was calm today, and we couldn't pass up the pond reflections.

I love to look at the sky, and I love the texture of faraway trees.

Today was the first time I've seen the new fiddleheads this spring.

I watched two herons in flight. It was date night and they were heading to a dinner spot. So graceful, and such amazing wingspans. I didn't attempt to take pictures of them.

Up ahead, I saw a little critter run across the trail. It held its skinny tail up off the ground, so I think it was a chipmunk. When we came back to that spot, we saw it again, but carrying something large and brown in its mouth. Maybe a mama chipmunk, taking the baby for a swing in the park? Rufus didn't get excited about seeing her, but he sure did pick up on her scent each time. If I hadn't seen the critter, I wouldn't have appreciated his olfactory sensitivity. Later, he trotted nose-down for a good 30 feet, obviously on someone else's scent. Interesting.

Rufie was very pleased that I let him drink some pond scum. Ah, cold and wet, that's the ticket. He also got to go wading a couple of times when I stopped walking to take photos. I wonder how my car is going to smell tomorrow... Oh, well. We spent a fine hour together, and both of us came home refreshed.


Sandra said...

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I feel like I was right there taking the walk with you and Rufus. And your pictures captured the walk nicely.

Katharine said...

Thanks, Sandra. Are you thirsty? Ruf says the water's cold, at least!