Thursday, December 15, 2011

December on Puget Sound

Wonderful foggy photo ops today! No Polo, just me and my camera and a hundred birds... and bliss.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Poor Dogga

Alas, poor Polo. I snapped this photo today on the way to our -- *my* -- favorite walking place. He is so afraid of cars, either inside or out.

Poor guy. Now he won't even face the front where Mom is sitting.

Usually, once we get out on the trail, Polo's tail comes up and he trots happily along. But before the trail, we have to walk out of the parking lot and across a street.

Poor Spud. There was traffic on the road today, but a very nice driver stopped to let us use the crosswalk. Polo wasn't thrilled about going in front of a car, and then I tried to jog across the street so the driver could go on his way.

Poor pup. Mom running in front of a car -- even one that's sitting still -- is NOT a good thing. Polo hunkered down, scared. I further deepened his anxieties by dragging him across the pavement.

Poor fella.

But we did stop in the meadow at the end of our walk, so Polo could sniff some bunny scents. That was good, anyway.