Monday, July 9, 2012

Enough Weddings for a While -- Anniversary Time!

The parents of the newly-married sons and the as-yet-unmarried son are celebrating an anniversary this week. Are you ready for this? Thirty years! Yes, thirty years of wedded, er, wedded-ness! We both agree that we've had some days and some DAYS, but over all, we're very glad to be on this side of thirty years of marriage.

How are we celebrating, you ask? Well, thank you for asking! We had a delicious dinner at our (my) favorite beef house, a Northwest favorite for nigh onto 50 years. No pictures from dinner -- trust me, you don't want to watch us devour prime rib.

After dinner, we drove along the waterfront for a bit, passing the house my grandfather Pop lived in a very long time ago.

Finally, as the finale for tonight, we arrived at our favorite discount retailer, the House of Tarjay, to pick out a suitable memento of our celebration.


What is the appropriate item to mark this anniversary?

Is this the Cotton Candy Maker anniversary?

Time to Introduce Espresso?

Perhaps it's the Vacuum Cleaner year?

What about the Food Storage Sealer milestone?

Nope. None of those. We knew exactly what this occasion warrants.

The Hot Air Popper Wedding Anniversary! Cheers!