Sunday, March 28, 2010

Almost Easter!

Blind culture is an oral culture. Object lessons can be appreciated by all. With these things in mind, I collaborated with my friend to come up with an especially tactile version of "Resurrection eggs" for next Saturday's Blind Mission luncheon.

I had a great time putting these objects into the plastic eggs, and I'd love to get some audience participation here. Are there one or two items in the photo that are significant to your understanding of the Easter story? Please leave a comment and tell the world! Oh, and because I'm partial to the abstract-random learning style, there are multiple possible explanations for each item. There are [almost] no wrong answers!

In case it's hard to see them, here's a list of the things in this egg:

round stone
strip of fabric

Thanks for telling a piece of His story! Oh, and feel free to check out John 19 for a little identification help.


The Williams Five said...

The sponge because of the soldier who dipped the sponge in the bitter herb and put it to Jesus' lips. The nail because he was pierced for my iniquity. The cloth because he was stripped and they cast lots for his clothes, the stone because he was put in a tomb and a stone was placed in front of it. The thorn because they made him a crown of thorns. The coin because Judas used him for 30 pieces of silver.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Katharine said...

Erin, thanks for responding! The audience-participation thing pretty much flopped, except for you. Thanks!

ed hardy said...

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