Friday, March 19, 2010

All Is Well

We were sound asleep tonight. All of us, especially Rufus. The house was completely still. Someone even remembered to turn off the last light.

Then the phone rang.

The phone, in the deep dark of sleep.

I've heard that ring before. It was later, darker, and that time really ominous.

This time, it was a son's friend. No, that son is asleep. In his own bed. Right upstairs.

Isn't he?

Mom had to go check, even after the call had ended. Yes, that boy is most definitely asleep, right there in his own bed.

Thank You, Lord. Thank You. Not this time.

The other time, it was a call of warning. "We're bringing him home. He needs you. He needs a doctor."

Thank You, Lord. Not this time.

It's been two hours. Maybe I'll get back to sleep soon. Thank You, Lord. All is well.

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