Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Note About Today

I wrote this morning about my novel's character hating being recognized as vulnerable, limited, and dependent. Then, I added that these are qualities that no one desires, so this is a universal condition. I'll stand by that, but the brevity of my comments may have seemed to minimize the personal circumstances of some people, and I regret that.

While I don't want to be seen as having limitations, I know I have plenty of personal shortcomings. Like most folks, I try to cover them up so they aren't glaringly obvious all the time.

The difference between an "average" person and a person with physical disability (in this discussion, visual impairment) is that their potential for cover-up is distinctly limited. Orientation and mobility issues, for example, are part of daily life. Every day, all day. Further, these differences between blinkies and sighties are there for all to see. Therein lies the emotional, psychological, spiritual challenge of disability.

In seeking common ground, I don't want to minimize the challenges of facing practical obstacles on a daily, hourly, basis. Sure, I never know when I'm going to (figuratively) stumble and reveal something less than complete independence and strength. But my issues are not the same as those whose limitations are external and therefore more obvious to others, and cannot be hidden but may be overcome.

Thanks for listening. I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds.

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