Sunday, November 2, 2008

50,000 Words of Dreck

I'm 10% done already! After one weekend, I've logged 5766 words on my new novel, "Imperfect Knowledge." So far, I've managed to give one of my lead characters a horribly funny alliterative name (it was a mistake -- I named her son first, and then realized what she would be forced to bear), and spent half a page narrating a poor excuse of a hackey sack passing game.

Woo-hoo, over five thousand words, and a day early at that! Time to party! No, actually, time for this rummy puppy to go to bed. Thanks for cheering with me, though!



The Williams Five said...

Woo hoo! That's great. You know someday I sure hope I get to read this novel!

Katharine said...

Erin, if you're fortunate, there'll be TWO novels to wade through!

Miss Kitty said...

Holy crap--you're kicking my butt at this novel-writing thing. [getting to work]

Katharine said...

But, Miss K, I have the advantage of being UNeducated and poor. If my best efforts turn out to be dreck, I still get a pat on the head for trying... and a cool icon for my blog if I reach the NaNo goal.

Just keep writing. I can't wait to see your stuff!