Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Comes Up Must Go Down

I've been putting off this post for quite a while. Although there is some artistic merit, the subject is difficult to address. My friends, however, insist that I cover this, and they won't stop reading my blog until it's in print, with a photo. Yes, I know I said way back in July that I would do this. Okay, here it is.

This could be a companion post to another recent entry, but if I associate them with one another I run the danger of establishing a theme. Please, dear reader, don't ask me to do that. Friends don't let friends...

Okay, I actually have two photos of this, er, subject. The first one, above, isn't too terrible. Before you see the second, however, I must warn you about its graphic content. (Pun not intended.) This is the antithesis of the earlier post on Honey Buckets, as this toilet not only flushes, but requires detailed instructions on proper procedure. This is a toilet in a public building, but it is not located in a public-access area. Complicated matters such as this are best suited for fully-trained staff members, not for occasional users.

A final note before I go. The City of Seattle recently sold some ultra-fantastic public toilets. They had to be rid of them because of the complication factor, I believe. These stainless-steel wonders not only flushed, but hosed themselves down after each use. You won't find any of those facilities in a public library, but you might check your neighbor's meadow pasture. Ebay is a wonderful place. I leave you with this:

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