Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Visitor Facilities

I've had to think long and hard about this post. Originally, it was going to be a rant about extremely sub-par stadium facilities. The largest school classification in the state ought to have indoor plumbing on the visitors' side of the football field, don'tcha think?

But then I reconsidered. This school district is next door to the one in which I grew up, and it's less suburban and more semi-rural. Read, lower property values. It's also bordered by not one but TWO military bases, which means there's a lot of transition of population. I don't know what their voting records are, but my guess would be that this district doesn't have a lot of money. Would I want to make indoor plumbing for the off-side of the football field a high priority? Nah. And at least there were three Honey Buckets for us to use.

On our way home from the game, we were fortunate enough to squeak into the drive-through at Krispy Kreme less than one minute before closing. Thanks to this good timing, the whole family had happy tastebuds for two days. Yeah!


Miss Kitty said...

In my world, a big heaping box of Krispy Kremes make up for nasty, smelly porta-potties ANY day. :-)

Katharine said...

[snort!] Miss K, I can't smell, and BOY was I glad for that on this occasion! But I still needed those Krispy Kremes.

Walk said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you come back often. Back in the day, the visitor's side barely had somewhere to sit let alone some of the finer things of life. We did have a killer snack bar though.

Katharine said...

Enjoyed your posts, Walk.

As for the football field, I forgot to mention that some of the home kids had brought full-sized sofas out onto the track. Great seats, rotten view, good idea!