Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Talkin'

I went to a lunch meeting today that was as low-key as low-key gets. For a good hour, we sat around and told stories about animals we'd known (or heard about). It was easy to sit and listen, to chuckle together, and take turns talkin' while others listened.

I went to a different kind of meeting tonight, where two people had the spotlight to tell their stories. It was easy to sit and listen, to chuckle together, and let each of the talkers have their turns while the rest of us listened.

It's good to be heard sometimes. Call it validation, affirmation, or fellowship, but it's just talkin' and knowing that someone else is listening and appreciating. It's healthy to let a person talk out their thoughts once in a while, without judgement or answers or advice.

For me, this is one vital aspect of prayer. I know that I can trust God to listen, to nod His head and chuckle at the right times, to let me put words onto the junk in my heart and let it out. Hopefully, I don't have to do this too often or for too long at a time. Sometime after I've talked through my stuff, I'm ready to listen. That's when He gives an insight, or a challenge, or a straight-up correction. But it's delivered in love, and I know He's right and it's time to move ahead.

Thanks for listening. It's good to be heard.

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