Thursday, January 3, 2013

Doggyoga (or, why Polo isn't writing)

Polo just isn't as much of a writer as Blackie. He's not even as motivated to blog as Rufus was. In case you've wondered why this is, I offer this explanation. It's worth a thousand words, if not more.

This is Polo's main indoor pursuit. Yes, he is a pro. You might say that he's "prone" to practice this fine art.


Anonymous said...

That pose looks familiar! Willy has been known to do that too. Adorable to look at in a photo, a pain in the patooty to climb over when you're hauling laundry around the house. :-)


Katharine said...

Aha... So this is a recognized position! Yes, very difficult to climb over, when the dogga takes up the width of a room!

Thanks for visiting, Monica!