Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Postscript -- The Invisible Hotel

Did I mention how much I enjoyed Omaha's architecture? The big, beautiful, memory-filled old houses? The brick buildings everywhere? The age of the city? Once I got settled back at home, I wanted to pull up Google maps and check out the street views that I would recognize. Think again.

First of all, the Google maps' street view photos were taken in spring or summer, when there were GREEN LEAVES on all the trees. That was an improvement as far as being easier on the eyes, but not so good for being able to see any homes that aren't right on the street.

The second problem is the invisible hotel. Here's the satellite view of the hotel, by address:

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That's it, right where the arrow is pointing. See it? Yes, the vacant lot behind the old Model T factory. If you can't quite make out the hotel from above, go to street view. Find the intersection of North 16th and Izard, stand next to the street sign looking east. Do you see that big yellow building-under-construction? That's it!

Funny, when I stayed there, I never once heard the pounding of hammers or the whining of saws. Oh, the wonders of modern construction.

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