Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blogging from Omaha

I finally understand what people feel when they visit Seattle and exclaim, "It's so green here!" While I'm at it, here's what else I've learned in Omaha this weekend...

The older the city, the better I like the architecture. Brick isn't used much in the Seattle area (something to do with earthquake events) so it's always interesting to see streets and streets of solid brick homes. Big, beautiful, unique homes. Craftsman, Prairie, Queen Anne, Revival... inspiring.

Nebraska beef is a gastronomic event.

Pipe organs and French horns add elegance to a wedding service.

Salt and other ice-melting compounds really do take a toll (!) on pavement.

I have indeed seen other early 1980's Dodge Rampages.

Brown, taupe, gray, and tan. Yards, streets, sidewalks, bricks, bare-limbed trees -- the brain can only process so much dormancy.

Traditional, simple, Protestant American weddings can take three days to celebrate properly. Three days of welcoming out-of-town guests (thank you!), three days of eating and drinking coffee and checking on final preparations and rehearsing and dressing and eating again and watching the opening of the presents. Again, the brain can only withstand so much, but what a wonderful occasion.

Although the overall wedding celebration occupies several days, the reception itself goes very quickly if there are many clergy in attendance:
Saturday wedding + Sunday morning obligations = no lingering.

I'm having a wonderful time here, and I'm confident the dogs are glad to stay home.

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