Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Trapped at Home in Snowstorm, Eats Books to Survive!

Okay, so we weren't actually snowed in. Life would have been easier if we had been stuck, though. This was the most snow we've had in a few years, and it was WAY above our normal accumulation. There was snow, and some ice, and then a lot more snow, and it didn't go away in two days.

It was beautiful. Really beautiful. Except if you had to drive or walk anywhere. (Two of these photos were taken at the library, the other from the safety of my living room.) Then, it could be downright scary. The last couple of days, the snow was turning into slush. Twelve inches of mucky slush. Try to drive your compact car through that!

The worst time I had was when my car's anti-skid feature was activated. I had shoveled down to bare dirt, and all I had to do was move my tires about six inches to grab it. No. No. No. The moment the wheels began to slip, power was shut off and they wouldn't turn. Remember back in the old days when you could spin your wheels and dig down to solid ground? Sure, it made a huge mess, but it worked.

Yes, there is a button next to my gearshift that would have disabled the anti-skid device. No, I didn't think about it in time to use it. I just kept playing around, driving sideways on the packed snow, digging around the tires some more, until I finally got the car moving.

I felt like such a girl. But I'll do better next time. Just enjoy the pictures and forget these words, okay? Thanks.


The Williams Five said...

You crack me up. How horrible for you to feel like such a girl! Ha ha. Steve drove me to work and picked me up. I figured I could drive, but if he wanted to be chivalrous and I got front door service out of it I wasn't going to look a gift fish in the mouth!

Katharine said...

Ha ha back, Erin! Your comment reminds me of Patrick McManus -- Never Sniff a Gift Fish! He wouldn't have turned off the anti-skid thing, either, but would have found a more creative solution.