Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Suburban Mom Impacted by Flying Hippopotamus!

All I was doing was driving home from work one night. Sure, it was kind of late, and it was dark, but not THAT late. The hippo just came at me from out of nowhere, flying across the airwaves of my favorite jazz station. One line of that ultra-smooth, super low bass, and I was a complete goner. I saw that hippo floating across the night sky...

The tune was Flight of the Cosmic Hippo, by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. The title track's name was goofy enough for me to remember when I got home, and the second-busiest library system in the nation had a copy available for me.

Along with needing to listen to more of this stuff for myself, I thought this might be something my guitar playing son would enjoy. Oh, wrong. He has heard one piece by the Flecktones, and wasn't impressed. Too bad! But I still can't get enough of them, so Pete's going to have to put up with me listening to it as often as I can... when he's not around to complain.

Amazing music. If you're not already turned off, here's my description. It's a little of Randy Newman's tonality, some incredibly low rumbly bass, percussion lines a la Mutemath, and pure fun. And banjo! Of all things, banjo and harmonica! Best of all, listening to it made me laugh. It was that much fun!

I'll be checking out more CDs once I get my fill of the Cosmic Hippo. A word to the wise, though. Copying music from library CDs is still a violation of the law. Don't go there. Thanks.


Miss Kitty said...

I love Bela Fleck. LOOOVE that guy's work!

Why is my word verification wddpizzz? HUH?

Katharine said...

I'm SO relieved to know there are two of us! My son and I have had a series of conversations about the Flecktones. I'm going to devote a whole other post to that.

Hmmm... deeply meaningful word verification there, Miss Kitty. I think it's suggesting that you put sawdust in your calzones.