Friday, September 5, 2008

Difficult Instructions

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The first time you made an origami figure, did it bother you a little that you had to fold the decorated side of the paper inside? But that's the side you want to display -- how come it's now hidden?

That's like the message I read recently in the book of Jeremiah. The Lord said to tell the people that the only way they'd have their land and their freedom was to give up their land and their freedom. To the Babylonians, no less! Anyone who tried to hang on to what he thought he owned, would lose it big time. But those who gave up, who submitted to captivity or slavery or occupation, the Lord would later vindicate.

I would probably have been one of the folks stomping their feet and saying, "No way! No way! No way!" But God is sovereign, He is all-knowing, and He does have a plan. It's going to turn out right in the end, for those who follow His directions every step of the way.


Miss Kitty said...

A good verse to post about. It really IS hard to remember that God's got a plan for us...we just don't know what it is, sometimes.

Katharine said...

Sometimes. Yes. But there are so many plans I thought He would have carried out, and things just didn't go the way I expected. Sigh. There is a bigger picture, and we'll never have adequate HDTV to see it in this lifetime!