Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Web 2.0 Awards and Just Sniffing Around

Looking over the Web 2.0 Awards was eye-opening. This was a good way to get some kind of overview of the many, many tools that are out there. We tried playing "Guess the Google," a game that gives you 20 seconds to figure out the word that is depicted by 20 illustrations. It seemed like a good way to practice conciseness in searching.

The other 2.0 Award winner we scoped out was a collaborative site called "43 Things." It's a fun meeting place to share your goals and find others with the same goals. Some of the aims were very specific (like completing these 27 Things) and others were more broad (learning to do new things.) This is a great site if you've got something in mind already, but also a handy place to pick up ideas for large or small life goals. Blackie is considering adding another nap to her daily routine, but she's going to have to do more searching to find others with this common interest. Rufus would like to learn how to carry three balls in his mouth, and hopes to find expert advice on improved embouchure development.

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