Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Way to Waste Time?

  • Activities for a good day...

a good night's rest

a bowl full of fresh water

big grass with fresh scents

snack (with milk, please)

more water

more grass

a nice run with favorite tennis balls

more water

more rest (preferrably on couch or the big bed)

another snack

more grass

another run

Now, we ask you, where does television-watching fit on our list? IT DOES NOT! Although we are very adept at sleeping through the artificial noise, why don't our people just take naps with us? Why do they have to watch that thing? And now they have television on the computer, too? What's next, obedience videos?

That said, Mom did find an amusing clip from Ye Olde Sesame Street on YouTube. We didn't actually watch it with her, but the title seems to indicate something about security settings on library computers. We're sure it's very enlightening. Here's the link -- and can we go outside to play now?

No Cookies in the Library!


Stacey said...

I picked "No cookies.." too!

A classic.

Tinkerbell said...

I think I remember watching this as a child! GREAT choice!

Renae said...

Hey Rufus, and Blackie, I was so glad to read all about your adventures in 27 thingsland. I am very proud of your mom as well. Keep up the good work, and keep those posts coming. I look forward reading more.