Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tagging and, well, you know...

The dogs laughed out loud at these lessons on tagging and sharing info. Whether it's putting a tag in your blog so others will know you've covered a topic, or adding a book title to your LibraryThing so your friends can see where you've been reading, this is an inately canine thing to do! Of course you want others to know where you've been and what you've been doing. Of course you leave little tags here and there so they can pick up your trail. And of course you find a common place to post these tags so that they're easily found and recognized. This is what social networking is all about, people!

Blackie patiently explained to young Rufie that humans haven't been in touch with their social needs. She further reminded him that they have a very poor sense of smell, so their tagging cannot be done invisibly. It's a good thing they can read, and that they have the Internet, or the dogs would have to do everything for them. Turning on the computer is like going to the dogpark. Let them have their time at the keyboard and they'll be happier and better socialized, and maybe then they'll take you out for a nice run and fetch.

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