Friday, May 11, 2007

Mom has a new toy...

...but we don't get to play with it! What's fun about that? Well, at least you can finally see what we really look like. Our stand-ins were okay, but (no offense to them) they were second-rate. Mom finally got a camera phone, and she was able to take photos after only one lesson from a Boy. Then, wonder of wonders, she was able to send the photos to her computer (where she spends way too much time, in our opinion) and upload them to our blog. All that, and we only had to hold still. We don't like to hold still, except when we're sleeping. Maybe that's why she made us go outside, and she threw tennis balls for Rufus for a long time.
A word of explanation about our images, by the way. Blackie doesn't always pant, but she was quite bored by the time Rufus was tired enough to sit still. Rufus only pants like this (look at that incredibly elongated tongue!) after a long, hard run. It would be nice if Mom could get pictures of us looking more engaged and noble, but we are not the posing types. (Besides, Blackie knows that Rufus doesn't do "noble," even on his best days.)

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