Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Son's Wedding

I was hoping to get more photos of the most recent wedding, but there's a little story behind this lack of pics. When my eldest son got married last fall, I stepped right in and took a bunch of stealth photos during the professional shoot. Some of those shots used poses that the *real* photographer set up, although I usually snapped mine either before or after everyone was set. It was fun, there was lots of time, and I got a few fun pictures out of the bunch.

This wedding, however, involved a whole different time allotment and a very inspirational photography team. There wasn't much time for family photos, so I neglected to use my camera to get a pic of all seven of us. It was so fascinating to watch these photographers work that I actually forgot to try to sneak up and take my own shots!

Here's an example. During the reception, as the bridal party was toasting the bride and groom, the maid of honor (bride's sister) came up to the microphone to say something. Emotion overwhelmed her, and the sisters ended up just holding each other. It was such a tender moment, and the room was s-i-l-e-n-t. From where I was seated, I had a direct view of Kristin (the photog). She was totally engrossed in the scene, watching only to see if there was a picture to be taken at just the right moment. One time, the camera came up to her eye, but dropped back down because the time wasn't right. It was amazing to watch her as she watched the girls, waiting, ready, but not at all intrusive.

Sigh... Wonderful memories.

The other highlight of this wedding was watching the complete attention my son gave to his bride. No one else existed, but for her. He was (and is) totally smitten.

Sigh... A perfect wedding! And please, click on over to see Kristin's work. She's terrific... and she's not afraid to show faces!

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