Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've Been Lookin' on the Railroad

On a whim, I made a stop for a train that's stopped. This is one of the few remaining rotary snow plow engines made famous (to me, at least) in the book White Cascade, by Gary Krist.

It was cool to see this machine up close. Too bad there wasn't even a skiff of snow on the ground -- maybe I'll have to return in a colder season. The sky made an interesting backdrop. Someday, our skies might be blue, but for now they're just interesting.


Miss Kitty said...


Aaaaack! Okay, I know that's a tunnel-driller-locomotive-thingy, but it looks like a mechanized morae eel. Which means it's scary as shit. And cool, yes, but mostly just scary as shit.

Having said all this, I love railroad stuff.

Katharine said...

Hahahaha! It's not a tunnel-borer, just a snow plow. It's okay, really! I'd invite you to walk up and touch it, but it lives inside a fence with nasty razor wire at the top. To keep the scary people out.