Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guest Post (by potential New Correspondent)

Hi. My name is A***57 and Lady put me in front of compooter and said I must rite. I are golden lab pup, six monts old, fresh from streets and animul shelter. Here my face:

The Man and Lady brot me to home from shelter and said ManBoys would have to approve me to join famly. ManBoys not all crazy about me. Lady says name "Rufus" and makes cry. Lady slept on couch all night with leash on her foot. I go potty out by tree.

Lady made me go in Car today. We went "walk" on trail. She showed me footprint. Think it susqatch monster, but Lady say racoon. See for self:

I never rite before. I never walk with Lady before. I never have to wonder about ManBoy approval before. I very skinny but have buetiful fur. Lady secretly calling me Polo because I look like polo bear. Nap now.


Aaron and Heather said...

What a sweet face that is!

Katharine said...

Glad you like him! This photo doesn't do justice -- he's even cuter (and softer) in person.

The Williams Five said...

So have ManBoys given approval yet?

Sandra said...

I'm so sorry about Rufus. I hope that having Polo around will help ease your loss.