Friday, November 26, 2010

Colors of the Day

Who said today was all about black? The Rufus and I enjoyed a very colorful walk in the melting snow. I can't edit these photos, but hope you'll appreciate them anyhow.

Rufus assumed every photo stop meant a sniff stop. A couple of times, he thought he was right on top of a critter. I couldn't get him to hold his snout-in-the-snow or pointing poses, but did catch this angle:


Sandra said...

Love that last one. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. :)

Katharine said...

Thanks, Sandra!

And, thanks for being my guinea pig! I don't know what happened to your last comment -- I approved it but am still waiting for it to appear on the blog.

Rufus and I (and the other guys in the family) had a terrific Thanksgiving. Glad you were home to enjoy yours!