Monday, September 20, 2010

Mustering the Gumption to Catch Up

Hot dog! Here we are again, ready to tackle a bit of writing. There are several things worthy of some catchup, so let's take them one at a time.

Today, more football!

My new scorebook is working well, although it needs a few minor design changes. After Week 2, I realized that there should be a master column/row for turnovers. (We had seven that night. It was ugly.) I plan to use the book as is this year, but at the end of the season I'll make up next year's model and get it printed while it's fresh in my mind. Coach O likes it, and the Athletic Director said, "You're the one doing the work -- it should be whatever you want!" I appreciated those affirmations.

For the first game of the season, my brother was visiting from the Midwest and got to patrol the sidelines with me. What a treat it was to be able to show my bro what I've been doing for about 20 years! We had fun chatting a little and watching the game. It was his first time ever on a varsity sideline. Pretty cool when you get to give your big brother a new experience! (He's way older than me, so aside from teaching him how to give me a bottle when I was a baby, I haven't had opportunity to expose him to many new skills in life.)

Week 2 of our season was an away game, but still at our district's stadium. It feels a little bit different to be on the other side of the field, but it's hard for me to remember is which locker room the guys are using. Not that I've ever been inside, but I'm used to them heading for the north room instead of the visitor's room on the south. Oh, well. The big deal this game, aside from losing big time and committing seven turnovers, was that the National Anthem singer's microphone didn't work. The kids got quiet enough that we could hear a little of her, all the way across the field, with no amplification. Cool! Eventually the home fans joined her, and by the end of the song the whole stadium was singing. The kids were kind of goofy about it, but it was a nice gesture anyway.

Week 3, this past weekend, was marred by rain. As I've noted before, I hate rainy games because I have to move up under cover to keep the book dry. But it's not all bad. This time, I stood next to Mr. F, who knows all three of my sons and remembered me from junior high conferences. Wow! He's a very nice guy, too. In football news, this other team is being led by its seventh head coach in ten years. Sad, sad. How can they ever feel like a team when everything keeps changing? But enough about them. My experience Friday night was filled with rain. Here's the rain, and then a shot of my view of the game from up at the top of the stands.

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The other good thing that happened because of the rain was that I found a couple more friends in the stands. Their daughter is now in the band, and their son is playing football in middle school. They could be around for several years! Cool -- someone else for me to say hi to and (if it rains again) people to sit with during the breaks.

Looking back over this post, it looks more like a report than a blog entry. Why do I care about high school football games? I love hearing the bands, I love the excitement of the games, I like the coaches and their wives, I love watching and listening to the players on the sidelines when no one else can hear them, and I get excited about everyone else's excitement. I'm not there to be noticed, and this is an activity that's definitely not about me. It's just fun, and I'm thankful to be allowed to be there.


Aaron and Heather said...

Oooh, I love your new look! All those books make me a bit dreamy... ;-)

I love your description of the game- one of my favorite delightful things about this time of year is being able to hear the cheers, band, announcer and sudden roars of the HS football game floating across town in through our open windows on a Friday night. It's a beautiful thing.

Katharine said...

Thanks, Heather! I'm not too keen on the large font, but I do like those books.

Those Friday night sounds are great fun. I'm a little envious of you getting to hear them from your house... but I get a better-than-front-row seat, so can't complain!

Katharine said...

Oh, rewind that comment on the large font. My computer was set up so I didn't need my reading glasses. Sigh.

Aaron and Heather said...

Haha, too funny! I was just thinking that I didn't remember noticing anything too large about the font! ;-)

Sandra said...

We love football too, but for the last 25 years, since Gunny graduated from high school, we haven't paid much attention to high school games -- just NFL.

Ahh, but now Gunny's son is in high school and playing, so we have a team to follow again -- even if they are 12 hrs. away. We always get a "replay" from Gunny the next day.

I envy you being so close to the action! :)

Katharine said...

Sandra, I must say I'm thankful that none of my sons are on this team. I'd be too nervous about them to watch the game, but too nervous about the game to sit in the stands and focus on my son(s). I loved hearing my sons' bands, though!

Keep an eye on that grandson of yours, and enjoy from afar!

The Williams Five said...

I love football season too. Although I usually just watch the NFL you brought back lots of memories from when I was in band playing on the sidelines at the games. Maybe it's time I start supporting our local football team!

The Nebraska Brother said...

I need to leave a rebuttal: as the older brother who walked the sidelines with Katharine at that first game, I resent the remark that I am MANY years older. It's only 13 years older. While I am less than a year away from being eligible to apply for Social Security benefits, I'm still not THAT much older than Katharine.

It was a good, new experience to walk the sidelines with her. I was absolutely NO help in her keeping track of the stats: my comments on the game ranged from: "Ohhh, look at that!" to, "I think a play just happened."

Still, Katharine, thanks for the experience!

Katharine said...

Dear @Nebraska,

Please let the record show that you yourself (and our other, even older brother, too) are wont to refer to me as your Baby Sister.

But I love you lots, so I'll rest my case... until next time.

Da Baby of the Family