Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Need to Write, But...

The other night at a 12-step meeting, I bemoaned the fact that I haven't used up even a quarter of my personal journal pages this year. In 2009, I filled a whole notebook, and it felt good to know I had written (and processed) that much "stuff". I like to journal; I like the feel of pen on paper, the look of my words on the page. It's a great way for me to mull over the half-formed thoughts blobbed in my brain.

This year has been different. I still have a lot of stuff to process. But I'm talking about things a little more, and Rufus and I have been walking a lot. We try to get out at least three times a week for about an hour of fast walking. It's a great time to be a little closer to nature as we walk on car-free trails. I'm working on remembering the plants my Gramma told me about many years ago, and I hope to learn to identify more bird songs. But mostly, it's relaxation for the minds and exercise for the bodies, and the Ruf and I love our walks.

I guess I'm a frustrated photographer. I love to capture the moment, but a cell phone camera isn't the best tool. Many of my attempts fall short. Once in a while, though, I hit on something beautiful. When I get a really good shot, it often ends up either on my computer desktop or on my cell phone screen. Here's what I've got on my phone right now:

And this is a shot I took tonight, now blown up on my desktop:

Back to writing about writing, as my title suggested. I'd like to leave a legacy in words, a written account of my journey. But these pictures represent the song of my heart. Maybe I'll write more and explain this more fully later.


Sandra said...

Katharine -- Several thoughts on journaling.

1. When you post on your blog don't you feel like that is journaling?

2. I have a friend who has a program for on-line journaling and has been using it for at least 10 years. She really impressed me when we talked about a movie we had seen many years ago and the next time I saw her she told me the date we had seen it (7 years ago), because she was able to do a search of her journal! Maybe you would like one like that.

3. One of the best parts about using your blog as your journal (or a supplement to same) is that you CAN so easily include photos. And, to me, they are such a great part of the legacy we can leave behind.

Bottom line. I hope you don't decide you can't do both -- blogging and journaling, and give up blogging. That would be my loss because I have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog.

Katharine said...

Awww... Thank you, Sandra. I think I'll speak to these points in another post.

Thanks for stopping in today!