Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Photos

Okay, here goes... Let's see how this turns out:

Yeah! It works! I probably haven't used the best methods to get here, but it's a start.

All right, so on Memorial Day I found myself with some time to spare. Wanting to try out the new camera phone, I headed for a little old cemetery in a nearby town. There are huge trees surrounding this cemetery, giving it just a little buffer from the traffic. There's also a beautiful fence around it, but I'm sure the fence isn't nearly as old as either the trees or the headstones.

When I pulled into the gravel parking lot, there were two ladies putting flowers on the headstones. One of them was dwarfed by her aluminum walker. The other, younger, might have been her daughter. They made their way slowly to each of the graves, marking them with single flowers and respectful moments.

I didn't want to intrude, so I began by walking around the perimeter of the yard, taking photos of the trees. Within a couple of minutes, however, my attention was on the mossy granite stones. When I moved around to the front of a row, I was surprised to see the inscriptions.

A Japanese cemetery! There were a few whites buried there, too, but most of the headstones were either Japanese calligraphy or American spellings of Japanese names. The iris left by the ladies was that much more stately and perfect, then.

I love old things. Maybe they give me a sense of security, of endurance. Maybe the classic styling and craftsmanship are what captivate me. In any case, it's the aged stuff that gives comfort to my heart. Architecture, furniture, and the oldest of all, God's creation, are feasts to my eyes and soul.

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