Thursday, April 9, 2009

Toilet Karma? Only the Wisedogs Don't Mind

Regardless of the timestamps you've seen on some of my posts, I am NOT a morning person and should not be expected to accomplish anything meaningful before ten o'clock. By the same token, I am NOT generally amused by bathroom humor, even though I have written two posts about toilets here and here (this one's in another library near mine, by the way.)

But maybe it's true that what goes around, comes around. We're getting fancy new toilets at the library this week. It's kind of cool to see the trucks come rolling up to our back door with seven boxes of shiny white commodes. The down side? They have to take the old toilets out before they can put the new ones in. That means no bathrooms for a while -- possibly for as long as two days.

Hence my sign above. Not wanting to use trade names (especially not the wrong trade name, if the product in our parking lot turned out to be a Port-a-Potty instead of a Honey Bucket), I went generic. Temporary facilities. Outside. Figure it out. Besides, if you stopped at the book drop before you came in, you saw those four plastic building-ettes right beside you.

There are a few advantages that come with my inability to smell. Using temporary facilities without fear of extreme disgust? Nope, the advantages don't stretch that far. The plumbers replaced the staff toilet first, and as soon as we got the go-ahead several of us rushed the restroom. Within an hour or so, however, they had to turn off the water for our building. No more flushing, no more toilets.

There are a few advantages to working part-time and leaving in the middle of the afternoon.


The Williams Five said...

Never thought you'd be so pleased to be part time, huh? Nothing like not having a bathroom to bring it out.

Miss Kitty said...

Hooray for new toilets! My sister and her husband just got brand-new dual-flush terlets in their home, and they're really happy about it.

BTW: I have new chikinz.

Anonymous said...

Is this bathroom humor? If it is, I like it. Blessings! Elaine

Katharine said...

Elaine, are you SURE you want to go on record as enjoying bathroom humor? Okay, then I'll leave your comment up here.