Sunday, January 25, 2009

Games Without Shame

Time to fess up. I like to play computer games. What, that's not enough of a confession for you? All right, here's more. I like to win.

I recently came upon a site that has wonderful, addicting, educational games. By spending a few minutes there, you can improve your vocabulary, grammar, geography, or foreign language skills. There's no beginning nor end to the games, you just jump in and play for as long as you want, then pop back out of the site. It's one of those things you can do while you're stuck on "hold" and can't leave your desk.

Not only are the games easy and compelling, but the site is very attractive. The background is a verdant field of rice. The whole picture is relaxing and gentling to the mind.

But, wait! There's more!

The games are intentionally addicting, purposed to get your attention and hold it so that you might also notice the quiet little ad banners below. There had to be a commercial catch, right?

But, wait! There's more!

For every correct answer, one grain of rice is donated to the United Nations World Food Programme. Food for the hungry. All for the click of a mouse! That's the nicest kind of advertising I've ever seen. When you play these games, you can make a difference.

A word of instruction: Click on the square FreeRice logo at right, not the large vertical banner in this post. You can find the list of game subjects by clicking on "subjects" at the top of the FreeRice page. The English vocabulary game pops up as the default, but there's a nice variety available if you peruse the possibilities.

P.S. to Frau Fitz, Mrs. St. Clair, Mr. Finseth, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Sturdivant:
Thank you for preparing me with the basic knowledge I would need to compete in these subjects today. I'm amazed at how much I recall after, um, a lotta years.


Cindy Kay said...

Thanks for re sending your link. I dont do good w/o those reminders! It was good seeing you today. After, I relized we smiled @ each other but did we actually talk? I do remeber hearing Barbara say you both need to have lunch so why dont you call her! : )
Your conscience

Katharine said...

I like to aim for learning something new every day, but I thought today's item was "rufen" (German "to call".) Golly, who would have known that my conscience has a name, and that name is Cindy Kay?

Smokey the Dog said...

I remember coming across this site before. It's a good one.