Thursday, March 6, 2008

These Are Trained Professionals

Much of our time for the first several days in the "new" building was spent putting things on the shelves, looking at the boxes that remained, adjusting the items on the shelves, and then trying to fit the rest of the materials on the shelves. This meant a lot of shifting, accomplished by teams of two to six people, handful by handful, over and over. It's hard to stay focused when confronted by thousands of books, thousands of books, needing to be moved to another place on the shelves, thousands of books, handful by handful. Thousands of books, and more in boxes, needing to be placed on the shelves. It boggles the mind.

It reminded me of a video I saw many years ago. This should have been our professional training video, viewed before we set foot in the door of our new building. It's too bad we couldn't have watched it beforehand, but we came pretty close to the high standards of conduct and efficiency it portrays. Watch and learn...

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Katharine said...

Two of three sons surveyed said the video was "creepy" and not very funny. Huh. Where'd I go wrong?