Monday, December 17, 2007

The Only Sure Foundation

I had a sad conversation a few minutes ago. A lady has been coming to visit me, off and on, for over a year. We have had some very stimulating talks, but I finally felt the need to cut them off. She tried to move me, I tried to move her, but neither of us would budge.

There have been a few things she said that I actually found laughable. The one that comes to mind often is when she dropped off a booklet about the Creation, and mentioned that my sons might want to refer to it for school reports. What??? My sons wouldn't even use historically proven Biblical references without some outside evidence! And she would suggest that material written by a group whose end-times predictions have been repeatedly disproven by time itself... It was just too much.

So, I have ended the conversations. I'm too tired, too worn out by living life and having real, two-sided, open-ended conversations, to continue listening to someone with whom I can only argue. I'm sorry. But that's how it has to be, unless God Himself shows her otherwise. She was sorry, too, but said she would continue to look for people who are "meek and teachable." Oh, don't get me started.

"Lord, to You I will listen long and hard. Thank You for giving me ears to hear, and a heart to understand."


Chaplain Mark said...

These posts are all well written and very creative. Has anybody out there responded? I'd sure think you could use there juices to move your great novel along and send it to the agent. Bring it to some kind of closure and send it.

cowboy steve said...

I am sad that you are sad, and I admire your tenacity and commitment to reaching someone else with the real version of the good news. I suppose in response to the "meek and teachable" comment you could simply have responded "likewise" or "I know what you mean", however, I am quite sure you took the high road. And kudos to you for taking that road.
Kudos also for sticking it our for such a long period. I am sure the Lord is quite pleased, and who besides He knows what seeds have been planted along that road.