Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We made an OurSpace page! Yeah for us!

Sorry, but the dogs are, shall we say, *dog tired* after trying for several days to establish a MySpace networking base. Setting up the profile wasn't hard, but it took three people to explain to them how to choose and apply a layout. Oh, but they are very pleased with that layout -- it's done in shades of tennis-ball green and yellow!

This networking thing seems like a lot of work, considering that Blackie and Rufus were happy just waiting for friends to drop by whenever they took a notion to visit. One more URL, one more password, one more computery thing to maintain... Blackie isn't very interested in continuing this part of the 27 Things, and Rufus doesn't have the patience to sit at a keyboard.

Hey -- this lady looks like she could use a break. Do you think she'd like to pet me for a while? Maybe go out in the back yard and toss a few spherical objects? We hope she's not too busy maintaining her network.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katharine,
Blackie and Rufus are amazing!!!

Let me see if I can add a link here to my blog here... Monica's 27 Things