Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meet Blackie and Rufus

If Blackie and Rufus could come to the library, they'd have some interesting observations to share. If they could share them, that is. Blackie is an old, tired, very companionable black Lab. Rufus is "the little monster," a young chocolate Lab mix with boisterous energy. Blackie likes to sit back and watch, taking it all in before she approaches and asks for a hand. Rufus leaps first, looks later, and has tunnel vision if there's a tennis ball anywhere around.

If they could talk, Blackie would ask thoughtful questions. Rufus would be the pesky kid at the counter asking, "Why did you do that? Why is this here? Where are you going now?" He'd run his questions together so fast you wouldn't have time to answer.

These are my dogs, my friends, and this is my library.


Renae said...

WOW that was very inspiring, and if I had a dog it would probably really like to hang out with yours. Thanks for sharing. Renae

Cruisin said...

I almost forgot your lovely canines are dogs, you expressed them so well, I found them almost human.

Page Turner said...

I can't wait to meet Blacky and Rufus!!!! When you get a chance and you have set up your flickr account, please join my flickr group "KCLS27things world at large 2007". I'd love to have Blacky and Rufus there and your writing is sooo fun...please be sure to leave comments!